Why Should Adjustable Dumbells Be A Part of Any Fitness plan

February 9, 2015 at 4:50 pmCategory:Health

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Dumbbells constitute a very important component of any balanced exercise and fitness routine. It’s indeed important to realize a set of befitting dumbbells for your fitness program and adjustable dumbbells offer a good opportunity of that.

Adjustable dumbbells are desirable as they help you with space and time while having a training sessions. And of course, they improve your overall health. That means you may own a personal set of dumbbells exercisers at home or have one at your gym for your use. The advantage of having dumbbells is that you need not buy all the weights in one go. You get started with a few weights and buy additional weights as your capacity to carry weight increases. So your total expense is spread over a period of time.

Adjustable dumbbells facilitate you to gradually increase or decrease weight in steps of five pounds each. Isn’t that such a convenient feature!
adjustable dumbbells
For increasing or decreasing the weight in your dumbbell, all that you will be required to do is to just turn a dial provided on the side of the dumbbells. Here’s the proper way of adjusting weight plates in your adjustable dumbbells. Keep the bar along with weights in the tray and then position the dial to the curved end of the tray. It’s as simple as that.

A safe and effective way of changing the weights while using the dumbbells is to turn the dial clockwise for an increment of weight and anti-clockwise when you wish to reduce the weight. This is a very good feature as it allows you to adjust your workout as per the level of challenge you want to have while in your workout. This facility can be extended to have a changed weight every day of your workout session. You can get more information about this on some of many health and fitness blogs on the internet.

As far as procurement is concerned, you can buy this equipment from any of the fitness stores in your area or go inline to study what all is available before zeroing in your choice. Here’s tip for you. Online companies and fitness stores who have their personalized websites, very often sell the equipment at a price lower than retail price! At times you can even have them delivered at home at a very reasonable expense.

ProBell and Hex are the two most popular brands of adjustable dumbbells. The system from ProBell comes with a tray of high-impact nylon to house the adjustable dumbbells. It has plates of zinc dye casting that are coated to give a long life. Likewise, Hex Dumbells are also fabricated from casting of high quality steel.

It will be nice to have adjustable dumbbells as apart of your regular fitness regimen.

Miter Saw For Beginners

December 30, 2014 at 5:42 pmCategory:How To

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All those keen enthusiasts of DIY home improvement projects are aware that sooner or later they are going to need a miter saw for the wood working projects that they decide to taken for home improvement. As you go thru this article you will know a couple of points that you just can’t afford to overlook while considering to buy one for your use.

You may already be aware that a miter saw is necessarily required for making angular cuts on wood and plastic moldings and for trimming of items at finishing stage.

There are varieties of miter saws, each designed to perform different functions, but these can basically be classified in three categories. We have the basic miter saw, often referred to as a powered miter box.

Then, we have what is known as compound miter saw. This is quite similar to the basic model but offers the facility of cutting at two angles at the same time. And, finally we come to sliding compound miter saw, that’s a step ahead in the sense that it allows you to make compound angled cuts on wider materials.

But, how does one know which would be the best miter saw? The answer to that is to assess your requirements first of all. You should give a cool thought to all the things you are going to do with your miter saw.

Another criterion that helps you decide on the issue is the kind of budget you have. Some like to go for the most economical model, as long as it does the required job, while others like to have only the best with all the added features.

A powered miter saw is an excellent tool for having miter cuts to quarter round, small baseboard moldings and chair rolls which sit flat on the wall or floor. They are also useful for squaring off the ends of a 2 by 4 and making 45 degree angle cuts but you can’t go beyond that size, and that’s the limitation.

As already pointed out, the compound miter saw offers the same functions as the powered versions but allows you to make cuts in two angles at the same time. But that’s a very good feature as you install crown moldings where the wall and the ceiling meet at an angle of ninety degrees, and the corner forms another ninety degrees angle in a different direction.
These saws come in different models with varying blade sizes. The saw blades required for these are the same as required for circular saws and are available in the same blade sizes, like 7 1/4, 10 and 12 inch, being the most common.

The sliding compound miter saw is the most resourceful of all saws. These saws have all the good features of other miter saws and take them one step higher. They have a motor while the blade is mounted on a rail on which the assembly slides away from the saw fence for making cuts on wider materials.

These can be used for performing any crosscutting work you might run into, as well for finishing trim work and framing too. It can be used for cutting anything from small quarter round moldings to boards for closet shelves and 2X12 framing materials.

Safe Operation Concerns: You should always spend time for carefully reading and understanding the instructions provided in the users manual to know how to set up and use this equipment.

1. First of all set the tool on a saw stand or work table that’s at your waist level. That is really important. Else you’ll soon have problems with your back.
2. Be sure to have arrangement for supporting the ends of the material you are going to cut on both the sides of the saw. The saw table has a limited size and not wide enough to accommodate longer pieces of material, which will need extra support.
3. Procure an extension cord rated for the conditions under which you intend using the saw. It will be good to procure a heavy duty cord rated for outdoor use and at least 15 amps of 120 volts of electricity.

How to make Adjustments to the Saw

As you begin to remove the saw from its packaging, you will find the motor and blade assembly secured in the down position. It can be made free by releasing the spring loaded knob, which is located behind the motor. As you release the knob, you’ll be able to move the motor up and down.

The sliding assembly of the saw is kept in place with the help of a knob that is screwed down against the rail, located on top of the slide frame where the saw motor and blade assembly is attached.

Loosen the knob by turning it in an anti-clockwise direction. When using this feature make sure that you start your cut by raising the motor assembly above the piece to be cut. Then, slide the assembly towards you, press the trigger and start the saw motor. Next,
plunge the blade into the material to be cut and slide the blade through the material from the outer most edge of the material to the saw fence.

Adjust the miter angle with the help of the pivot feature included in the saw table. Loosen the locking knob, rotate the pivot assembly to the required angle and lock the locking knob to ensure that the saw angle setting is not changed inadvertently.

How to Make a Cut

For making any required cut, the material to be cut needs to be positioned on the saw table. To ensue that the material remains flat on bed of the saw, you need to suitably support its both ends for making accurate cuts safely.

You also need to secure the material against the saw fence to ensure accuracy of the cut.

The reference mark, you already made on the material for making the cut, should be aligned with the edge of the saw blade. Some of the modern machines are provided with lasers to facilitate this action. You should know that one cut of the blade will remove 1/8 of an inch of material. Keep your hands and fingers away from the work piece while the machine is in operation.

Make sure that you use safety glasses and sound suppressors before starting the saw.

That makes you ready for making the cut. Grasping the control handle on the saw, pull the motor and blade assembly towards you and beyond the edge of the material that is away from the fence.

Switch on the motor on the saw by pressing and holding the trigger located on the control handle and let the motor attain its full speed.

Push the handle down in the direction of the saw table and then push the motor and blade assembly away from your body towards the fence to cut the material. Be slow and steady.

Congratulations! You just learned the secrets of buying an appropriate saw for your use and its operation also. Play safe while producing something on the saw.